A long time coming.

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I wanted to share this. I could simply have pasted the link on Facebook and that would have been that. But I didn’t want to do that.

It takes courage to write something like this. To write it in first person, in the rawness of reality takes more than courage. Self- harm is not something people understand. They think you are crazy when you inflict injury upon your own self.

Injuring yourself when in the grip of an intense emotional low is not as rare as we would like to think. It is fairly common. To some, it is an addiction as gripping as an addiction to narcotic substances. For some, self- injury is a way of coping with pain. By creating a pain on a physical level, which is a simpler pain than that of a emotional hurt, one distracts one’s attention away from the emotional trauma. They say it is easier to put aside the pain of a broken heart when you are suffering from a toothache.

I don’t usually reblog. I am reblogging this because this write- up belongs on these pages. This is the only way I can bow my head to this kind of courage.

Thank you Lauren Jade. May your courage set others free from their bonds of silence. May they find healing by bringing their hidden, unacknowledged pain from its festering darkness out into the open.


2 thoughts on “A long time coming.

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