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Woe Be Unto Me! (Three 55 Fictions)

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The spelling of soap is s-o-a-p not s-o-p-e. So watt? The spelling is wrong! Who cares? Yoeu still understod, didn’t youe? Why can’t you bother to remember the correct spelling of words?! You aren’t even dyslexic! Watt can a few alphabets here or three mater? Oh, really?! Yes.  Stp being such a grammar nazi! ***      *** Apostrophe ‘s’ is used… Read more »

Misunderstanding- 55 Fictions

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One “You’ve been avoiding me for two weeks. You don’t say hello; you don’t reply when I do. What’s wrong?” Silent glare. “You have to tell me!” “I hear you’ve been trying to  get cozy with Sheena even though you know she is my girl.” “No! How could you even think I’d do such a thing?!” Two “Did you use… Read more »

Passionate Fifty- Fives

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Love He calls me Ragini. I’m not just an inanimate flute to him. I come to life in his hands. I breathe with his breath and sing to the music in his soul.. matching him… beat for beat, rhythm for rhythm. I desire nothing but to belong to him- to draw my life from his lips. Hate There are times… Read more »


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seriouslyfunny: I was thinking raginionline: That’s encouraging. You also think! seriouslyfunny: Yes smarty two- shoes, I do. Stop teasing me or I won’t tell you what I thought. raginionline: Blackmailer! Alright, tell me what… seriouslyfunny: When we meet, it’ll be June- end. Monsoon will have arrived by then. We’ll go for a walk in the rain. raginionline: You like walking… Read more »

Life in 55 Words

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ONE “Dad, let me take this summer job.” “What?! You’re just sixteen! People will think I can’t provide for my family.” “It’ll be good for my future, I’ll learn so much. Please?” “I’ll become the laughing stock of town. I’ve said no, discussion over.” The child fell silent, spirit crumpled under the weight of society’s disapproval. TWO “Aarti, I hate… Read more »

Traveling With A Stranger

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I took my seat in the Delhi bound AC chair car, pleased that the adjoining seat was empty. At Agra a man came and claimed it. Resentfully, I glared at him. He was a compulsive talker. In fifteen minutes, I wanted to tape his mouth. When mono-syllabic answers failed to shut him, I got progressively ruder. It was he who saw the abandoned… Read more »

Phase Three: Sunset

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  I am sure the two of us must seem like two buddies enjoying the sunset. You couldn’t be farther out. We are brothers not buddies. The other is equally inaccurate. I have a compelling affinity for this place. It presents a spectacle which is rare and beautiful. Yet, I don’t come here for the beauty. The populace is too… Read more »

Phase Two: Midday

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    A chance encounter can change your life. My life is a testimonial to that statement. Over ten years ago, another chance meeting with a stranger on a perfectly ordinary Saturday night had given me an experience to last a life-time, and changed the channel into which my life was to flow. My favorite pastime, when I am in… Read more »

Phase One: Dawn

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Whatever their future, at the dawn of their lives, men seek a noble vision of man’s nature and of life’s potential. ~Ayn Rand I don’t remember the precise moment when The Decision became a living entity amongst us. It came home with us that night and none of us questioned its right to intrude upon us that way. We accepted… Read more »

Green- 55 Fiction

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    GREEN They flocked around him like a bunch of cackling hens. In two days, my handsome good looks had paled into insignificance next to his passionately brooding maleness. The girls went to him like bees to a pot of honey. The pansy…!!! Sensuously, pleasurably, longingly, fingers crushed the luxuriant blossom, purple juice seeping into the skin.   GREEN… Read more »