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Traveling With A Stranger

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I took my seat in the Delhi bound AC chair car, pleased that the adjoining seat was empty. At Agra a man came and claimed it. Resentfully, I glared at him. He was a compulsive talker. In fifteen minutes, I wanted to tape his mouth. When mono-syllabic answers failed to shut him, I got progressively ruder. It was he who saw the abandoned… Read more »

Phase Three: Sunset

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  I am sure the two of us must seem like two buddies enjoying the sunset. You couldn’t be farther out. We are brothers not buddies. The other is equally inaccurate. I have a compelling affinity for this place. It presents a spectacle which is rare and beautiful. Yet, I don’t come here for the beauty. The populace is too… Read more »

Phase Two: Midday

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    A chance encounter can change your life. My life is a testimonial to that statement. Over ten years ago, another chance meeting with a stranger on a perfectly ordinary Saturday night had given me an experience to last a life-time, and changed the channel into which my life was to flow. My favorite pastime, when I am in… Read more »

Phase One: Dawn

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Whatever their future, at the dawn of their lives, men seek a noble vision of man’s nature and of life’s potential. ~Ayn Rand I don’t remember the precise moment when The Decision became a living entity amongst us. It came home with us that night and none of us questioned its right to intrude upon us that way. We accepted… Read more »