I am an experienced and certified editor.

I have edited novels, corporate communications and documents, as well as articles and blog posts. When editing novels, I take only one project on at one time. Please contact me through the form below to book your slot for editing your novel/ book manuscript.

My editing skills are available for hire in the following professional domains:

Book/ Novel Manuscript Editing:

If you would like me to help you refine your manuscript, I can help in the following ways:

a) Beta Reader: If you have your MS ready and would like someone to beta read it, I can help.

b) Copy editing: I would make sure that your manuscript syntax is smooth. I would correct grammar, style, repetition, word usage, and that wording is proper and precise and punctuation is appropriate and correctly placed. I would also ensure that your manuscript is jargon free. For a minor extra charge, I will also highlight particularly inconsistent or irrelevant passages or sections that need re-writing for any reason.

c) Content editing: Substantive or deep content editing requires evaluation of your work as a whole and correct the structure, organization, coherence, and logical consistency. Sentences may be removed or added. Paragraphs may be rewritten, condensed, or expanded. Blocks of text may be moved from one section to another or deleted entirely to ensure coherence and conciseness of the text.

My Work Ethic

My work ethic comprises of the following words: integrity, accountability, dependability, timeliness, quality and commitment. ‘Extra mile’ is the norm, not the exception. I don’t mislead or make tall claims. I mean what I say and say only what I mean. For a long-term association (the only kind I am interested in), this work ethic must be reflected back to me.

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