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My writing skills are available for hire in the following professional domains:


a) Substantive editing: I would evaluate your work as a whole and correct problems of structure, organization, coherence, and logical consistency. Sentences may be removed or added. Paragraphs may be rewritten, condensed, or expanded. Blocks of text may be moved from one section to another.

b) Copy editing: I would correct problems of grammar, style, repetition, word usage, and jargon.

c) Proofreading: Minor errors will be corrected. These include:

  • errors of grammar and style (e.g., verb tense, units such as ml, use of numerals and words such as “5” or “five”)
  • errors of capitalization, punctuation (e.g., the use of commas, semicolons, colons, periods, dashes, apostrophes)
  • errors of spelling and word usage (e.g., to/too, affect/effect)

Creative Writing:

I write short stories, articles and essays. I have also developed content for websites but SEO is a monkey I am yet to tame. It doesn’t always dance the way I want it to, though it does dance in fits and starts.

Ghost Writing:

I can ghost write blogs, articles and also books. If they lean towards my area of interest- inspiration, life-skills or personal development- the project will get written sooner.

Training Content Development:

I have been a corporate trainer for over 25 years. My current areas of expertise and interest are: Leadership, Empowerment, Negotiation and Personal Development. I have always developed my own training content. I am now offering customizable training content for sale. If you are a trainer or a training consultant, I am sure you are aware how difficult it is to come by training content which is not only well- researched and aesthetically pleasing but can also make a deep impact on your trainees.

My Writing Style and Work Ethic

My writing style varies between intense and humorous depending not only on the topic but also the slant I am giving it. Many a passionate point is driven home riding on a wave of wit just as many sparkles may repose within fervent expressions. You will get the style you ask for.

My work ethic comprises of the following words: integrity, accountability, dependability, timeliness, quality and commitment. ‘Extra mile’ is the norm, not the exception. I don’t mislead or make tall claims. I mean what I say and say only what I mean.For a long- term association (the only kind I am in business for), this work ethic must be reflected back to me.

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