Scaling the Heights of Failure

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Success is sweet. It has turned into an industry by itself. We all love it… we covet it… we pursue it. The farther it seems from us the more frenzied we get… reading it up… devouring it… soaking it in our soul. In that desperation, we forget to savor the failures. Somehow I feel very affectionate about my failures. They… Read more »

Five Hours With a Stranger

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The day was 25th July 2008. The place was Colaba, Mumbai. It had been raining heavily for 3 days. I was staying with a cousin in her room which she was renting at Colaba. Perish the thought of me being able to afford the rent of a TOWN pad. Let’s just say I am lucky in my choice of cousins…. Read more »

Icarus and I

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Let me tell you the story of Icarus. Icarus is a character from the Greek mythology. He is the son of Daedalus. Who he was is not really relevant. What is relevant is that this Daedalus person and his son Icarus had been put in prison by King Minos. So. Daedalus and Icarus were imprisoned. As was the custom in… Read more »

The Sweet Taste of Money

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Money is word which can upset our breathing pattern. We react with intense emotion in money related issues. From the time we were kids, money has been the pivot around which our lives have revolved. Directly or indirectly, money is a cause for most of the argument and negative emotion within a family. We grow up feeling uptight about it…… Read more »

The World of Ayn Rand

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  Ayn Rand’s masterpiece ATLAS SHRUGGED has completed 50 years of its existence. I thought this was a good time to pay homage to that visionary whose only fault perhaps was that she was way ahead of her time. For that fault alone she has been prosecuted by those who failed to understand her. Yet, the love she received from… Read more »