I am an effective and qualified life coach.

I truly and genuinely love my work. Walking with people, as they travel onward to their shining life, sharing, learning, exchanging, is the biggest privilege I have ever been blessed with. Coaching for growth and transformation isn’t just my profession; it is my passion and calling. It is natural to excel at things you love.

My expertise as a trainer/ coach is available for hire in the following domains:

Life Coaching:

Life-coaching is neither counseling nor therapy; it isn’t career or professional counseling. It includes, but is not limited to, all that and more.

It is helping people discover the talents they possess; talents which have been buried under mountains of self-doubt. It deals with assisting people to acquire an objective perspective with which to evaluate and recognize themselves. It is to help people process and heal their past so they can finally lay down the baggage they have been carrying. It is to unlock the prison cell people lock themselves in, to break the shackles and set them free. It is to teach people to believe in themselves by believing in them so completely that they get infected¬†with that belief. It is surprising how effective the process is. I’ve seen it happening too many times to doubt it’s efficacy.

The purpose of life-coaching is to help you discover your own music; music you have heard faintly or not at all; music you never suspect was sleeping within you all this while. There can’t be anything sadder than for a human potential to go waste; for someone to go to their grave with their music still trapped in them.

My Work Ethic

My work ethic comprises of the following words: integrity, accountability, dependability, timeliness, quality and commitment. ‘Extra mile’ is the norm, not the exception. I don’t mislead or make tall claims. I mean what I say and say only what I mean.For a long- term association (the only kind I am in business for), this work ethic must be reflected back to me.

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