Non Fiction

Non Fiction

Have you ever asked yourself questions, reader? I am sure you have, for to ask questions of the universe is a very human thing.

There have been times when my questions have kept ricocheting around in my head for day, even weeks and months. It doesn’t let you be at peace, that kind of question, does it? It sticks to the corner of your eye with the persistence of a bit of chewing gum stuck on hair, and is just as maddening. Then, when you can’t bear the question anymore, the benevolent universe takes pity on you. It engages its gears and moves events/ people who will  answer your question and put you out of your misery. Sometimes all they do is to cause you to delve deep within yourself where the answer to your question was waiting for you while you hunted the world for it.

This section chronicles the times when answers were uncovered. You will find real life stories as well as essays and articles. Some of the pieces are deeply insightful and some describe a life skill which can be used to deepen your effectiveness.

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