Slaughterhouse Country

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In his post, Amit says Indians have a cavalier attitude towards life. He says for us life is cheap, it is abundant and hence it is treated in a casual, off- hand manner. People losing their lives is not a big deal to us. We are stoic- and irreverent- towards something that should be very precious.

I agree with him. Life is indeed cheap for us.

Is it- as Amit says- because life is a cycle of birth and death? I am tempted to accept that explanation, but some niggling thought makes me reject it. It is too pat; It gives us too much leeway. It lets us pretend to be nobler than we are.

If all of us truly understood the cycle of birth and death, we would be loath to behave in ways that degrade our soul. We wouldn’t treat life so casually. We would have a lot more reverence for life than we display today.

To understand the cyclic nature of life, you would have to understand and accept the spiritual nature of human beings. You would understand the impact of Karma; you would be a lot more deliberate and aware of the state of your spiritual bank account of which karma is the ledger. How could you so easily deplete the stature of your own soul by treating the lives of others with anything but deep reverence? Wouldn’t you know that the souls of all other humans are also a part of the divine as yours is?

I don’t know what the reason is. All I have are vague impressions- untested and unvalidated. Perhaps with time my impressions will condense into certainties. Maybe they will not.

All I know is that with this (almost) soliloquy, I am setting forth an intention in my consciousness. I hope my soul will take this intention as a command and lead me to the answers that must exist within me.

I end this with a prayer to Shiva.

7 thoughts on “Slaughterhouse Country

  1. Jeevan Dutta

    We do have a rather casual attitude towards life. Spiritualism does play a role but not to the extent. Its more to do with abundance around and competition for survival makes us the way we are.


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