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Doing For The Love of Doing

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Undeveloped men are highly motivated to act by their matter-inclined impulses and longing for name, fame, prosperity, and sensory happiness. The wise, on the other hand, have detached themselves from worldly pleasures; their incentive is the joy they find in working for God. Incidentally and yet purposefully, the inspiring examples of such men bring others to the path of lasting… Read more »

Thought is Action in Rehearsal

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Some years ago I read a book called Make a Life Not Just a Living written by Dr Ron Jenson. The merits of the books are too numerous to list here. Suffice to say that if you haven’t yet read the book, you missed something wonderful. I trust you will repair the omission speedily.  However, I digress. Dr Jenson talks… Read more »

Do Without Doing

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The results you are getting in your life are directly in proportion to the effort you apply. The thought demonstrates the law of cause and effect; it is vouchsafed by the third law of motion. This is what you and I have always believed. Results are produced by action. Action is defined as a doing as opposed to the non-… Read more »

Sirens Spell Danger- Book Review

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The book is an anthology of three thrillers written by C. Suresh , Radha Sawana and Karthik L. Fast paced, with intrigue and mayhem at every step, the stories don’t let you put the book down. The first story, Femme Fatale by C. Suresh, is a saga in which a series of inevitable events lead to the edge of the… Read more »