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Musings on Home, Flowers and More

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I have no idea what to write as introduction for Beloo Mehra, honestly. No matter what I write, it would still feel pathetically inadequate. But I need not really worry, in a way. All readers of Serenely Rapt have surely ‘met’ the wise and compassionate writer who weaves soul-expanding essays and commentaries on her two blogs: Beauty Interprests, Expresses and… Read more »

An Hour In The Garden

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I don’t know why I have come into the garden today. Everyday when I return from training, I go straight upstairs. Today, I didn’t. Instead of turning right from the gate towards the stairs, I turn left into the garden. I take off my sandals and walk barefoot in the cool, moist grass. The garden lies in the shadow after… Read more »

The Makers

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A close friend shared this video a short while ago. The video triggered a few questions within me. I would like to leave them with you. (If I offend you, I apologize in advance. My words are driven by the pain of having to witness the untapped, unrealized and unseen potential of the hundreds and thousands of youngsters that God… Read more »

Ordinary Days

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.. This video was made by a mother. Naturally, it presents a mother’s perspective. The things a mother would do for her child, the manner in which a mother experiences her child. This experience is unique to every mother. All mothers, including me, know that. This doesn’t, however, mean that the video is only for mothers or women. I know men… Read more »

Beyond Salvage

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Your garden has the exact mix of order and wilderness that appeals to you. You love it; it is beautiful. The best feature of your garden is a huge shady tree under which there is a garden bench. A rope swing hangs delicately from its sturdy branches. The tree is big and strong. It will remain the same for eternity;… Read more »

Soul Food

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If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill, no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation, would you do it? On some, rare day I might want to pop a pill. But on a permanent basis? No way! Food is not just nutrition for us, just as man is not just a… Read more »

Dear Parent

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I read something today that made me want to write to you. I’d like you to imagine a crowded public square, filled with people. They are busy, happy, engrossed in their own concerns. You stand among them, unnoticed. You’ve just realized that you have poured your future, every minute of everyday of the rest of your life, into a endlessly… Read more »

Dawn: The Charioteer (Conclusion)

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      Continued from Dawn: The Charioteer (X)   From his description of her, Chetan’s aunt seemed to be a born mother. She was not only nurturing, warm and loving; she also knew how to create spontaneously structured boundaries and inspire discipline. To be able to create such strong bonds among children coming from different homes- living out their… Read more »

Dawn: The Charioteer (X)

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      Continued from Dawn: The Charioteer (IX)       “I guess then I didn’t really deserve the scolding you gave me, did I?” he said with mock severity. “No, you certainly didn’t. I am sorry I yelled at you. How can I scold you for a mistake I too have made?” She was a roller-coaster of emotions,… Read more »

Dawn: The Charioteer (IX)

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      Continued from Dawn: The Charioteer (VIII)         Chetan was livid..!! Though I could see his point, I didn’t want him to ruin what was developing between him and the girl. I had to distract him before he ended up saying something damaging. I banged one of the panes of the open window on the… Read more »