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The Gift of Language (Conclusion)

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Read the second part at The Gift of Language- II In the hands of a master, the words can be made to convey a lot more than they mean. They can create a mood of poignancy or nostalgia. They can create the exquisite anticipation of the moment before the sun breaks over the horizon and makes good his promise. To… Read more »

The Gift of Language- II

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Read the first part at The Gift of Language- I To demonstrate the impact of your vocabulary on the intensity of your life- experience, I’d like to share a passage from Anthony Robbin’s Awaken The Giant Within. The passage is very illuminating on how you may lighten up the negative quotient of an event merely by the words you choose… Read more »

The Gift of Language- I

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Imagine your life without the gift of language. Your life experience would be reduced to the most rudimentary, single dimension. A few inarticulate sounds would limit your expressions. You would have to rely entirely on your ability to express through non-verbal means. Believe you me, your style would be severely cramped. After all, there is only so much wriggle to… Read more »

Word Meanings

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Enough is enough. For the past week, I have been reminded repeatedly of the manner in which words acquire shades and nuances of meaning they were never meant to hold.  You are left feeling bewildered and not a little nettled because something that you thought meant A now means A-. The (-) minus being a symbol of all the deviousness… Read more »