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Daily Affirmations

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Definitions of Affirmation are annoyingly vague. It peeves me when a word is defined by using the same word in another form, tense or voice. As in Affirmation: The act  or process of affirming. That’s a #facepalm moment for me. Of course, you and I know what Affirmations mean. But have we given a thought to their exact nuance? Since I… Read more »

Your Best-Case Scenario

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I’d like you to visualize this: It is an incredibly beautiful day. The air is clear, the sky is brilliantly, impossibly blue. Somewhere you hear the tinkling music of wind- chimes; it creates an answering resonance within you. The silence around you is deep, rippling with the shadows of contentment over a vista lit with the sunshine of hope. The… Read more »