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Get Over Yourself

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I’m genuinely and mightily amused- and have been, for a couple of days. This is the kind of amusement that will always retain a pocket of privacy, no matter how widely and verbosely one describes it to the world. More than the public part, it is this irrevocably private fold that is sending me into paroxysm of undiluted hilarity. There’s… Read more »

Standing On The Inside

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This post evolved out of a post-length comment I inflicted on a beautiful, loving lady that almost all of us have read- and agreed with. Her thoughts are so balanced and full of wisdom; her perspective so inclusive and broad; her heart so compassionate and genuine…. that it is easy to love her. I speak of none other than Zephyr,… Read more »

Sunday Brunch (#6)

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Happy Sunday to you! I don’t know your relationship with Sundays. Are they days when you don’t go to work and so have a different, more leisurely routine? Is it made special because of the time you get to spend with your family and friends? Or is it precious because this is YOUR day; a day you are free to… Read more »

Empathy in Action

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I don’t know if this would work in India. Maybe it wouldn’t work with everybody. It could surely work with more people than one would think. For the funny thing is, despite all evidence to the contrary, Indians are honest more frequently than not. Unfortunately- and typically- the dishonest have center stage and are seen and heard, while sincere people… Read more »

Brand Equity

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No, this is not a white paper on corporate finance. Finance is a strange (read fanged) beast I run miles from. Something tells me that the feeling is mutual. This is me asking you to take a walk with me, up a mountain. I have taken this walk before but I need to refresh the experience. The experience deepens when… Read more »

Cindered Dreams (VI)

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  [Continued from Cindered Dreams (V)]       Part Six:     It sounded sensible, inevitable and so completely RIGHT, it just took my breath away! How absolutely perfect was that…!? In an instant, her dream took root in my heart. It possessed me utterly. I continued to work on my novel, but I knew my heart was not… Read more »

Cindered Dreams (V)

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  [Continued from Cindered Dreams (IV)]     Part Five:   During that night, she told me that when the worst of her misfortune broke upon her unprepared head, she found solace and succor from an unexpected source. In her neighborhood, there lived a retired primary school teacher. All the neighborhood children gathered around her every evening to study. Holiday… Read more »