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Book Review: If You Only Knew Me ~ Divyata Rajaram

If You Only Knew Me by Divyata Rajaram is a multi-layered story. It is a story about five expat women living in Dubai. Their lives are glamorous, living as they do at the higher echelons of Dubai‚Äôs Indian society. The women are friends, even good friends. Despite their apparent friendship though, there are threads of rivalry, bordering on downright cattiness,… Read more »

Turn Around

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  Malini was devastated. Her sister Shalini, whom she hero- worshipped, was lying helpless like a rag doll on the hospital bed. If this were not bad enough, Raja too seemed strange. She couldn’t come to terms with how much he had changed after the accident. He barely came to visit Shalini at the hospital. No matter what the emergency,… Read more »