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Under the Circumstances

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Have you heard people say, “Well Under The Circumstances, what did you expect me to do?!” The sentence is duly attended by a martyred air as if you ought to go down on your knees in respectful admiration and  abject reverence. Can’t you see that the person was being victimized by malevolent circumstances? How crass and blind! I suppose I… Read more »

Arguing With Life

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WHAT IS, is what is supposed to be, or it would not be. The rest is just you, arguing with life. ~ Neale Donald Walsch When I read that quote in the morning today, it was like someone threw a bucket of cold water over me. We all react to a bucket of cold water thrown over us unexpectedly, in… Read more »

The Driver- Concluding Part

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      Continued from The Driver- Part I , The Driver- Part II and The Driver- Part III     “Let me tell you my part of the story. Listen, and don’t interrupt”, Prasad said and Amrit nodded. “I am a retired public sector executive. On the night of your accident, I had just arrived from Bombay and was… Read more »