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Standing On The Inside

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This post evolved out of a post-length comment I inflicted on a beautiful, loving lady that almost all of us have read- and agreed with. Her thoughts are so balanced and full of wisdom; her perspective so inclusive and broad; her heart so compassionate and genuine…. that it is easy to love her. I speak of none other than Zephyr,… Read more »

Daughters and Sons

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The hot topic yesterday was India’s Daughter. This post is my two cents. Not on the documentary but on the atmosphere the documentary created. I am sure I don’t need to reiterate my revulsion of the rape and inhuman murder of Nirbhaya. I have a daughter who is barely two years younger to Nirbhaya… and she lives away from home-… Read more »

Women’s Empowerment: Is it a distant dream?

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Reblogged from www.avagmah.com Today, we celebrate women and womanhood on the occasion of International Women’s Day. One can’t help but look at the challenges the working Indian woman faces at workplaces and at home. Still struggling with patriarchal mindsets, she struggles to break free from prejudices, glass ceilings, sexual harassment and other issues at workplaces. Is the woman at work… Read more »