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A Love For Words

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Love For Words

I have a deep and abiding love for words. Many years ago I read somewhere that words are like legal contracts. Each word you utter is a promise to portray exactly what you mean with no intentional ambiguity. Each word has a specific meaning in a given context. It is possible to say exactly what you mean in most situations,… Read more »

What A Joke!

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Have you ever met anyone who wrote jokes for a living? Who are these people that write jokes? Why doesn’t one ever meet them personally? Facebook is a huge community, why hasn’t one met someone who is a professional Joke Writer? This is one epic fail, isn’t it Facebook? I don’t know how you can preen yourself after this! I… Read more »

Why Do I write?

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The first reason I write is for Decanting. I need the solace it provides. I need the space it creates within me… by emptying out the junk that accumulates in the unfrequented corners of my inner space. You collect unusable stuff despite your constant vigilance, since you know yourself to be a veritable magnet for all kinds of interesting stuff…. Read more »