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Imagine a large- like really large- bunch of women.

All (strongly) opinionated, all more than ready to sling that opinion across your windpipe without wondering if the strange noise without was you chocking. In other words, all accustomed to moving the world- in their own unspectacular, ordinary way. The fulcrum they use is a keyboard. This bunch of women- they of Tough Stance- call themselves Indiblogeshwaris. They not only do things differently, they also do different things. I, ermm… belong to this group.

Innovation is a very Indiblogeshwaris thing. With so many smart women congregating under one banner, it had to be. Combine that with Christmas cheer and you have an unmistakable winner!

This year the Indiblogeshwaris are giving each other something priceless for Christmas. They are gifting each other loads of love. All those who are participating are appointed secret elves. Each elf is to (secretly) review a blog (The details of this Christmas bonanza are HERE). The reviewing elf would introduce the blog and write about the blogger’s style. I was delighted to receive my hush- hush mail which informed me that I would be reviewing BlogwatiG.

If I was asked to describe BlogwatiG (the blog, not the blogger) in a word, I’d have chosen warm. The blog makes me feel warm.

(On an aside, I am sure it makes some people more than warm; more like hot under the collar. Specially if they are the kind who have pretty pink toes. But I digress, as always. Alas!)

((On another aside, those of you who’ve had their formative years blighted by being compelled to wade the murky waters of a Wren and Martin‘s grammar primer, do you remember the fruitiest sentence of that very lethal volume? To me it was Alas! I am undone!. For the life of me I can’t imagine what Messers Wren and Martin were high on when they devised that absolutely idiotic sentence. Talk about substance abuse! Oops! Sorry sorry… I forgot! Tsk tsk! No more digressing! Honor bright!))

There are those who put together a blog haphazardly. They pile on things willy- nilly. If someone were to ask them why they’ve included conflicting elements, they’d stare at you goggle- eyed. They would be unaware that the confusion of their inner world is out there for everyone to see.

A blog is an individual’s most personal space. Every element displayed is selected with deliberation. It is the visual representation of a blogger’s soul. To some of us, this place is more home than the physical space we inhabit.

BlogwatiG is the banner of a warm soul. It has been crafted with panache and gusto, chiseled with love and warmth. Strong opinions form the immovable foundations of this castle while it’s walls are festooned with colorful bunting of wicked humor. You may love it or hate it; you can never ignore it. It stands forth without fanfare, quietly- and unequivocally-  wearing its colors on it’s sleeve.

It is like the aromatic cuppa I cradle in my palm, chilled fingers wrapped around the smooth ceramic. The lazy vapors open the windows of my consciousness while the warm brew travels down my throat depositing bundles of warm comfort within me. Yes, the blog is warm.

In a way, I am sorry I know the blogger behind the blog. I wish I had reviewed the blog before I cyber- met the blogger. Now, since I know the woman whose fingers play upon the keyboard to create this warm space, my opinion might be a little colored by my knowledge. I will try my best to forget that I have known the lady for nearly two years.

BlogwatiG is a true blog. It is an online diary (a web-log) which captures the lights, colors and aromas and epiphanies of a life lived with unrestrained passion. The warmth comes spilling out from behind the words- now bursting with color, now aglow with light, now furious with passion. Once you have absorbed the welcome onslaught of the warmth, the thoughtful insights steal up to you and quietly slip their warm hands into your cold ones. You turn to look, and your heart is captured in the smile that meets your eyes.

The warmth nestling between the pages of BlogwatiG is not fragile and intermittent but robust and omnipresent. It can make you giggle breathlessly like a child who is whooshing on the downward swing of a giant wheel. You will feel as if you left your mid-riff suspended in air a few score feet above you. You barely have time to get your breath back on the upswing before you go whooshing down again!

One of the things I love about the blog are the names given to the sidebar sections. They are quirky and funny. Another thing I love is the quietness of the place. There are no blaring horns (or trumpets) anywhere on the blog and that’s a big relief. There is too much noise in the blogsphere these days. This blog is simple and uncomplicated. You find easily what you came to find; a few warm chuckles laced with something that makes you think for a long time after you’ve clicked away from the pages. What more can one ask for?

Wish you and yours a very warm Christmas High Priestess!

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Note: Forgive the mixed metaphor of the title. Nothing else seemed to communicate the exact nuance of what I wanted to say. 😀

33 thoughts on “The Lair of The High Priestess

  1. janu

    Damn! why did I not get you review my blog? BolgwatiG deserved you. Wonderful job elf! ( as you have been telling others)

  2. Farida Rizwan

    Now that is what a call a perfect review. From telling us about the blogeshwaris, the lady behind it, the secret elf drama and finally about the blog in the best possible way. I think I get intimidated by your writings 😉

    1. Dagny Post author

      You aren’t allowed to get intimidated Farida! Someday, read your own posts while pretending that you are reading someone else’s blog. And be prepared to be impressed. Because you will be. I guarantee it!

      You impress and inspire me, truly. I wish I could emulate and imbibe a part of your spirit. May God bless you and your loved ones with joy and contentment.
      Thank you for coming by and for your warm words of appreciation. Coming from you, they mean much to me. 🙂

  3. Karan

    awesome review I surely envy BlogwatiG….also loved your introduction of Indiblogeshwaris (kindda tells you in the face…maintain safe distance 😉 )

    1. Dagny Post author


      Indiblogeshwaris are like coconut. To a poet like you, I need say no more I’m sure. 🙂
      I am glad you liked the review enough to pay a visit to the blog and experience the warmth for yourself. If you did, I have been successful. 😀
      It is pleasing to see you here. Dare I hope that you will visit oftener? 🙂

      1. Karan

        I certainly will be visiting here very often 🙂
        and the coconut I’m aware of and have experienced the warmth you Indiblogeshwaris extend…thank you 🙂

    1. Dagny Post author

      Thank you so much Arpita. I hope you will read some of my other stuff too and give me some feedback.

      I hope to see you here more often. Thank you for coming by. 🙂

  4. BlogwatiG

    Dear Lord, Dagny! I am floating in air after this review. Even the horns on my head are behaving and holding up the halo for all to see. Thank you for such a ‘warm and fuzzy’ Christmas gift. You make my blog look soooooooooooooooooo GOOD!

    Gosh, to write like you and make the words touch a part of the reader’s soul, I can only hope. Thank you, thank you …………….THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Santa and his elves have been so gracious this year, no? <3 <3 <3

    1. Dagny Post author

      I am severely tempted to urge you (while my fingers itch to bop you over the head with a handy chair), not to be a goose. I have made you look as good as you are. Credit to you for being such a darling… I am just the detached reporter m’lady!

      I wonder how your words have formed a lump in my throat. I am so happy I got your blog to review.

      Thank you for lighting up many lives with you ready humor and thoughtful insights. <3 <3 <3
      Santa and his elves have indeed been gracious. 😀

  5. Ruch

    So well said Dagny ! So well said !
    BlogwatiG’s blog makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Like coming out of the cold into a warm room with a cheery fire burning in the hearth. There is a lot of cheer, optimism and passion there. One of my favorite places to be on Blogosphere

    1. Dagny Post author

      And the lady, bless her, gives me credit for the warmth of the review. I think I will let loose with the chair after all, don’t you think? 🙂

      Thank you for coming by Ruch! <3

  6. Anish Vyavahare

    I agree with warm! The postman article on BlogwatiG was very touching! And the general feel of the entire group is very positive. Kudos to the people who take efforts to keep it that way 🙂

    1. Dagny Post author

      Anish, You are right about the group. I know that for me the group is a place where I will always find unconditional love and acceptance. Nothing worries me now. There is nothing the group can’t solve. 🙂 It is perceptive of you to notice the dynamism and warmth of the group. Kudos to you! 🙂

  7. Rachna

    This is such a fantastic review, Dagny. I was nodding away to glory at each word delicately written to perfection by you. What a dream it is to be loved and praised by you. I cherish the absolutely delightful introduction you wrote for me when you did that Guest Post for me. I am sure, Vinita, will cherish this for a long time to come. Yes, she is a lovely, warm person and so is her space, a true reflection of her large heartedness. Sometimes, it takes us time to see that but see it we do. Thanks for the pleasure of your delightful writing, Dagny! How beautifully you write, my dear!

    1. Dagny Post author

      Rachna, Your comment fills my heart to the brim.

      I have read your comments on other people’s blogs too and I am always amazed at the ease with which you speak straight from the heart. It shows your engagement and involvement with the post. You don’t just make off- the- cuff comments. When you read, you really read. In your comment, I see that you have read and thought about the topic then said what you thought about it- whether or not it agrees with the blogger’s pov. I truly, sincerely, cherish readers like you. That is why, when a reader like you says- this is good- it means something so much more.

      Thank you for your words. As I said, I am full to the brim with a quiet satisfaction… knowing your appreciation is genuinely meant. Thank God for you girl! You give me an invaluable gift with each visit you make to my blog. xoxo.

      1. Rachna

        Thank you, Dagny! I am honored to have your love, warmth and respect. And, in an effortless manner, you reinforce my own belief in me. What can I say, I am blessed to have friends like you. Truly! Loads of love back to you.

  8. shachi18

    oh so good, such a great review. I am so glad to be able to read all of you – you, Ritu, Vinita, Ruch, etc… grateful that our paths have crossed through indiblogeshwaris. Strong women, when brought together, can do great things, hard things. And we all are truly doing that. Here’s to an even better 2014!

    1. Dagny Post author

      Shachi, You are so right. Indiblogeshwari group has really given me a chance to meet wonderful women. For the first time in my life, I no longer feel alone. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful 2014 too!


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