Wits- Inward and Outward

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The sunrise was as spectacular as it usually is at this time of the year.  One moment the sky was suffused with a a medley  of pink merging with pale blue. The pale blue made stealthy forages into indigo before giving way to golden orange. The golden orange flitted a bit with a chirpy mauve before surrendering to pink again.

People wondered why she woke up early in the morning. She smiled and gave vague reasons. What could she tell them? How could she explain what the sunrise meant to her? Even in her own mind, she struggled helplessly to bind the fullness of the experience with words ever falling short. How did one measure breathlessness in words? The flood of elation that broke the banks of her consciousness, could it be poured into puny little words?

More than the actual sunrise, she loved the moment just before the sun peeked over the horizon.

For a few seconds, earth seems to stand still, holding her breath. The birds are hushed. The entire vista seems to be waiting for the explosion of a new birth. A sense of expectancy dissolves languidly in the air. The trees stand solemn at respectful attention. The atmosphere is thick with the promise of infinite possibilities. Suddenly, the sun appears, sliding silently out from the womb of darkness. There is no fanfare, no explosion of sound to greet the arrival. It happens with the silent serenity of an everyday marvel. A new day is born bringing with it opportunities of choices, of demonstrating passion and of making a mark on the world. The best part? It is all for FREE!

Each new dawn was like a personal invitation to her. It is as if the universe were inviting her to leave behind her past and allow the spreading rays of the sun to carry her into the new day, unencumbered by the mistakes of yesterday. In the few seconds of hushed stillness before the sun emerges, she is permitted to unshackle herself and get ready to be swept off her feet into new worlds and new lives. Her gratitude knows no bounds in those few seconds. She knows that to be given a clean slate is the biggest gift the universe can give her. How could she explain all this to those who asked her why she woke up early?

As her early rising, her passion for reading too was unexplainable. People asked her- some even horrified- how she could read so much. They asked her how she found the time. They asked her if she didn’t get bored.IMG00105-20120927-0635


Placid by an effort of will, there were times when her naturally caustic self raised its head impatiently. “I didn’t know one needed to find time for breathing, or find it boring!” was the much she permitted herself to say before she’d shut the beast up again and hitched the placid smile back up again. She wasn’t sure, but sometimes she felt people were bewildered. She was frankly perplexed.

Her relationship to books is as deep and passionate as her bond with the sun. She feels a similar breathlessness before diving head first into a new book. The excitement is similar, the expectancy as potent. She wonders what worlds she will find ensconced between the lines. She has no idea what inner journeys she will be coaxed into, once the book’s pages held her enthralled. She has no idea what she will have made of herself when she finally emerges from the other side of the book. All she knows is, the book will give her another opportunity to drop the baggage of her past and soar into a brand new sky borne on the winds of another’s imagination.

In more ways than one, opening a book was akin to recreating the charged sense of expectation she got from the sunrise. Like the sunrise, the hours she spent enveloped in in another person’s inner world were precious to her. It was her personal time, intensely private. She spent it happily with herself. Like the sunrise, the pages of a book renewed and refreshed her. It was as if she gained perspective by distancing herself from her own life for a while. Just as one can lose sight of the forest for the trees, so also the business of life can sometimes be overwhelming. One needs to take a few steps back to regain one’s perspective. What better way to do it than to sit still and unleash the mind into an unexplored universe?

She experienced a private sunrise within her each time the wisdom and insights of a fellow traveller lit up her inner world.

She hadn’t found a better way to be grateful to Life.


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a) A word about the title of the story.

    The Five senses are also called the outward wits of a person. Just as there are outward wits, so does a human being posses inward wits. These are common sense, imagination, fantasy, intuition and reasonableness.

    Together, they become the tools so-

    That men may rise on stepping-stones
Of their dead selves to higher things.

    ~ Tennyson

    Rather neat methinks.

b) This is a weekly writing prompt a few fellow- bloggers have begun. If you too would like to write, the prompt is this:

   Step out of your house and click a picture. Then come back into the house and click another picture. Write a post connecting the two.

   Please leave a link to your blog in the comments. I will include it here so that other people too can read your post. No, free hosted WordPress doesn’t support linkys, YET. Open-mouthed smile

I am sure you’d like to read the following and witness the creativity triggered by this prompt.

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